Saturday, February 08, 2014

Solitary Saturday

Matt is off at work this morning and I’m sitting in my pajamas on the couch.  I’m watching the DVR’d American Idol episode that I missed on Thursday.  Angie has been going in and out and tracking in muddy paw prints.  I did catch Mollie and Angie kind of playing together this morning.  I think Mollie is warming up to the new dog, but still gets irritated by her. 

Not sure what my plans are for the day.  I have some reading to do.  I have four library books downloaded on my Kindle and I need to get busy reading before they expire.  I need to do some house cleaning as well.

Last night Matt and I had dinner with my ex-husband.  He is going to do the photography at the wedding.  Surprisingly (and ironically), he has a wedding photography business that has been doing well.  He was willing to travel to Canyon for the wedding (since his grandkids are in Amarillo) and he gave me a really good price.  Some people might think it would be awkward, but since we’ve stayed friends, it’s no big deal. 

Next weekend we head back to Canyon to meet with the priest.  I hope the weather warms up by then.  Canyon has been down right frigid.  I’ve been complaining about the 37 degrees here, but Canyon has been in the single digits with snow.  Today we’re supposed to get back in the 60’s and in the 70’s tomorrow.  It will dip back in the 40’s early next week and then warm up again.  I’m ready for winter to be over.  I’ve gotten spoiled by mild winter weather in south Texas. 

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