Friday, October 03, 2014

7 Quick Takes – TGIF

The annual Scholastic Book Fair has been taking place in my library all week.  Unlike most librarians, I’m not the one putting it on.  All I do is allow it to take place in the library.  In return I generally get some books via Scholastic dollars. It has been a pain this week.  Too many kids in the library at once.  I had to move tables around so that Scrabble club could meet.  I’m glad that it’s over and that I can get back to somewhat normal operations next week.   

So the new haircut seems to be a big hit.  I got over 90 likes on Facebook and everyone at work seems to like it   It’s easier to manage though it does take more time to style since I’ve been straightening it.  This weekend I’ll try leaving it curly and see how it looks.      

I decided not to play in the next band concert.  They kept changing the date, but I decided to not add pressure to the weekend that I’ll be playing in the state Scrabble tournament.  I don’t think I’m really ready for the tournament.  I might try a little studying in the next couple of weeks, but won’t worry too much about it.    
I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and figure a way to get a new computer.  The color seems to be going out on this one.  It’s past its warranty date so I can’t really see the point it paying for it to be fixed when it would cost as much to get a new computer.  Not sure what I want, but it doesn’t need to be really fancy.  I just need something that can run photoshop which would be the most memory intensive program I use.   

Matt and I went to dinner at Cheddar’s tonight.  The food was really good.  I brought half of it home for lunch tomorrow.  Now I’m stuffed and exhausted.  I think it will be an early night for me.   

I’ve been working on my large book orders over the past few weeks and I’m frustrated by all the mixed messages I’ve been getting.  I deleted a bunch of books that I now can add again, but of course I don’t remember what they were.  I saved a few titles, but it’s frustrating to have the rules change constantly.   

I’m glad that October is here and we’re not having scorching hot days any more, but something in the air is causing my allergies to flare up every evening.  It’s a good thing I have the economy sized bottle of benadryl.  One usually does the trick.     

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