Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes – Happy Halloween

My desk is finally clean at work.  All that means though is that I moved piles of stuff out of sight.  Most of it ended up in the office that I don’t really use.  My library facilitator might be stopping by tomorrow so I want the library to look good.       

Matt and I are going on our Halloween date tonight.  I think it will be a fun date.  We going to stop at the Menger bar for drinks before dinner.          

I have a mouse problem in my house.  I got some traps but not the kind that snaps; they are the kind where the mouse is trapped inside it.  I got some glue traps a while back and didn’t think they worked, but I found one with three dead mice stuck on it.  I almost waited for Matt to get home to dispose of it, but I made myself do it.  I’m sure they’re getting in through the pet door, but that’s not something I can get rid of.  If I can’t eliminate the problem myself, I guess I’ll call a pest control company.       
My dad and his wife might be coming to San Antonio for Thanksgiving.  I won’t believe it until he pulls up in the driveway, but it will be nice if he can come.  Josh says he and his roommates already have plans.  I won’t get to see Josh until Christmas break probably.  I guess if my dad comes, we’ll have to make a turkey dinner and everything.       

I won’t get to see Josh on our birthday either.  I got him a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card that I’ll put in the mail sometime this week.  Can you believe that he will be 24?  Am I old enough to have a 24 year old?     

It looks like I might be able to take some of my Scrabble students to a tournament in Dallas in the spring.  I have to work through a lot of logistics, but I think it will be a good experience for them.   

Now that Big Bang Theory has moved to Thursday nights, I have the dilemma of staying home and watching it or going to Scrabble club.  I opted to stay home on Thursday, but I still missed it because I was cleaning out my closet.  Thankfully it was recorded on my DVR.  So I guess I really don’t have the dilemma with the DVR, but I wasn’t in the mood for Scrabble tonight.  
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Lori said...

Try peppermint oil, mice do not like it and you should be critter free. Also save for pets.

Anonymous said...

Talk to Andrew...he has a similar problem but instead of mice he has been bothered by rats.


Anonymous said...

The group costume winners where I work held Scrabble tiles first spelling Lone Star State and then Happy Halloween. I was in the second place group doing glow in the dark stick figures!