Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes – Is it already October?

Lucy was supposed to get her cast off this week, but she’s developed an infection and the wound is not healing like its supposed to.  So instead of getting cheaper, it’s getting more expensive – having to pay for a culture and antibiotics and the wrap change.  It probably bothers me more than it does Lucy, but I’m anxious for all of this to be done.   

I really should start doing some studying for the upcoming Scrabble tournament I’m going to be in.  I don’t want to come into second to last place again.        

Matt and I have to get the house clean and hang up all our wedding stuff this weekend.  We have company coming to stay with us.  They are fellow Scrabble players and one of them gave us a wedding gift that we need to display.  I cleaned the kitchen last weekend, but need to mop.     
I’m irritated with the pest control company to doesn’t seem to want to cancel my contract that has been fulfilled.  Unfortunately, I never find time to call them during the day.  I will have to make a point to call them on Monday.  I need to use that money to pay of the credit card that is now charged up from Lucy’s vet bills.   

I finally submitted my Library book order that I’ve worked on for almost a month now.  I hope that it gets approved quickly.  It’s always exciting to get new books.   

Another one of my high school classmates passed away this week.  It seems that 45 is much too young.  I think we now have about a dozen classmates out of 318 that have died.     

My birthday (and Josh’s) is a month away. I have no idea what to get him.  I’ll probably just get him a gift card as usual.  It’s something he can always use.  I don’t know what I want.  I think Matt and I going to use our really nice steakhouse gift card.       

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