Thursday, October 23, 2014

Too busy for a quick takes

Last Friday was way too busy for a quick takes post.  We spent  last week full of preparations for company arriving.  On Friday we went to dinner and then had to go buy a new lawn mower since Matt fried mine.  He forgot to check the oil and the engine seized up.  Our guests arrived Friday evening and then we all competed in the Scrabble tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  Matt did fairly well coming in 4th place in his division.  I basically sucked coming in 12th out of 15.  To top it all off, I either developed a cold or had major allergies over the weekend.  I went to bed absolutely miserable Sunday night.  I took two benadryl when I usually only take one.  At least it seemed to help and I was able to sleep. 

I’ve been trying to clean my desk at work all week and it’s just not happening.  I stayed late tonight to catch up on grading for my Scrabble class.  I haven’t entered stats for the club in three weeks so I got started on it as well.  My desk is still a mess, however.  Tomorrow is a half day for students with an afternoon workday for everyone else. 

I’ll try to post a quick takes for this week if I get a chance – it might not be until the weekend though.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds very much like the middle of first semester. In up to your eyebrows in work.