Sunday, October 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes – Weekend edition

My desk is still a mess at work.  Friday was a half day for students with the afternoon a work day for the staff.  I caught up on the Scrabble club statistics.  I had some hired help this week so now I have all the extra textbooks packed up and a list of computer equipment that I need to get rid of.     

I took on the task of trying to get library shirts ordered for the librarians in the district.  I created the design several months ago but nothing was done to get them ordered.  Another librarian asked about ordering them earlier this week so I got an updated quote from the company.  Now we’re within about a dozen shirts of getting a price break so I’m waiting to see if we get there.  I hadn’t heard from about 21 schools so I’d think we could get to that number.        

I got a call at school on Monday from my next door neighbor.  I was kind of surprised because she had to remember me telling her where I worked when I first moved in.  She called to tell me that one of our front windows was wide open.  I didn’t realize it and Matt wasn’t home.  I called him and he headed home to take care of it.  We had company last weekend and they must have opened it to be more comfortable, but never closed it.       
Matt and I are thinking about going to a Scrabble tournament in New Orleans in January.  I think it would be cool to be able to go visit again as an adult.  The first time I went, I was only 19 and was frankly shocked by all the stuff I saw in the French Quarter.  The only thing is that it would be a fairly expensive trip.     

Matt and I made Halloween plans so we don’t have to deal with trick or treaters in the neighborhood.  We are going to have dinner at the Menger Hotel and then a ghost tour afterward.     

My yearly book challenge on Good Reads is going slowly.  I’m still 13 books behind.  I did read the newest JK Rowling book and I’m trying to read a couple of other library books on my Kindle – they just aren’t grabbing me though.      

Josh made it easy for me by telling me what he wanted for his birthday.  He wants a new Queen album that’s coming out the day after his birthday.  I already ordered it on Amazon for him.  I’ll also send him a card and a restaurant gift card.  I finally told Matt what I’d like for my birthday as well.  While at the tournament last weekend I decided I’d like to have my own Scrabble board.  I sent him links of the boards I liked.  Maybe he will come through.  

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The scrabble board sounds like an excellent gift idea.