Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm procrastinating

I should be working on my journals right now. Instead, I'm finishing dinner (Taco Villa) and writing this blog. I still don't have any details to share on the trip. There's not much more to say. We had a nice time and some good talks and although we're still moving slowly (much to my chagrin) we're at least moving. I have pictures I'll try to post this weekend if I find the time. This is hell week for me in terms of grad school. Missing two days is taking it's toll. I have nine journals due tomorrow and I wrote three of them last night. Tonight I'm going to try to write the three most difficult ones and finish the rest tomorrow. This weekend I have to prepare for my book talk on Monday (which is also due on Monday) as well as get some heavy work done on a government investigation paper that is due Tuesday. After that I should be able to enjoy my Thanksgiving. We are going to Albuquerque leaving on Wednesday and returning on Saturday.
School was not fun today. I had to get on to students. I gave a pop quiz in 4th period because I was so mad. After school I had to go to the bank to deposit Josh's SSI checks which are no longer being direct deposited which is a pain. Then Josh and I went to Amarillo so I could get some ink for my printer and one last book that I needed to read. Now I've got to get started on my school work but I thought I'd at least post a little something since it's been a while.

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Anonymous said...

Work, work, work , and more work ... ach ... there's an aim, hope you'll reach it.