Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Counting days

Marty tells me that I shouldn't count the days until I leave because it will make it seem longer. But I can't help it. I put a counter on my igoogle page that counts down for me. It gives me hope knowing that I'll be in Florida in less than 9 days now. School is the same old stuff. I wanted to say something else, but I should keep this a family friendly blog. I'm sick of all the meetings, the acronyms, the accountability, the lazy kids, the lesson plans, the duty, the lunacy of it all. More and more am I realizing that getting my library degree is probably a very wise move on my part. I have to get out of the classroom before insanity sets in.
So in other news today. My mp3 in broken I believe. Something weird happened on the way home and now it won't start up. That makes me very unhappy. I got a letter from social security in the mail today stating that they have decided that Josh should receive his checks directly rather than me being a payee. I guess that's because he's turning 18, but he's still in school so he'll get checks until he graduates. So it just makes things more inconvenient, but I guess as long as the checks are coming it will help us manage until June. At that point, I'll have the car paid off and then I'll just have to deal with another payment for about 7 more months so it will be tight.
Last weekend at the Fallback Festival I won a silent auction item. I bid on this basket of goodies that had snacks from all over the world. I mostly wanted it because of the bottle of wine in it. I haven't opened the wine yet, but am considering it tonight. But it has all these weird things in it that Josh and I are trying out. Some are quite tasty like the chocolate mint cookies. Some are a little strange. There's also a lot of dark chocolate items and neither of us are fans of that so it's getting pushed aside until I can find someone that likes it.
I turned in a 3rd grad school paper and my second set of journals. Now I've got to read through 72 pages of other's journals and start posting comments. I still also have to write two more journals about two other books relatively soon. I'm still making an A at this point but I'm starting to struggle now and I know I'm not producing my best work. I should be reading instead of blogging of course, but I felt bad that I have posted in a few days. But I guess I've wasted enough time. Better go get busy and try to keep that grade up.


Leann said...

I LOVE dark chocolate *big grin*

It is nice to hear the time is nearing your the Florida vacay. It should be a nice break for you.

It sounds as if the Library degree is something that would be a perfect fit. Time for change. Sometimes that's a good thing.

It is good to hear you are well and I truly hope life is treating you well.


Anonymous said...

Dear, its all about the lunacy. We serve in (different) systems and function, because this pays the rent and in some very far away idea it makes sense.
It is not the real. I guess it is what a German philosopher once called "Entfremdung", I can not translate. There is always hope to come to the real, dem eigentlichen Leben. Doors' "break on through to the other side" comes to my mind, but in the end there is only hope. You are working on it and the degree is the ticket. I am parked in those nightshifts and desparatly seeking a position slowly loosing faith, Zuversicht. You are young and strong, you have a plan and an aim. Stay positive, you will change your position. I really hope your man will help you. And be independent and free enough to set your own goals and to act along your plan.

Terri said...

I do the same thing counting down the days to vacation - I can't help it. I've heard just the opposite though - that you wish it here and then it's over with before you even got to enjoy it! :o)

Summer said...

Hanging in there?

Summer said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late, but it still counts: Happy birthday!
Stay healthy and may all go well and successfully!