Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've had better Thanksgivings

It's not to say I'm not thankful. I have many thanks for many things most of which I'm sure I totally do not deserve. But spending Thanksgiving sick with something stomachy and intestinally is not my idea of fun. We went to eat at Golden Corral for Thanksgiving and usually that place is wonderful for me. I love sampling lots of different things. This year I had a few bits of corn, potatoes, salad and about four bites of chicken before declaring I couldn't eat any more. The issues have continued all weekend sometimes worse, sometimes better, but not really changed. I'll spare you the gory details about my bodily functions but suffice to say that if it continues through the weekend, I'm going to the doctor on Monday to get to the bottom of all this. I've lost 3 to 4 pounds in the last few days. That I don't mind so much, but the dehydration and lack of appetite is annoying. Yes, I'm drinking lots of fluids so I'm still o.k. but I would still like to be functioning somewhat normally again.
I just sent Josh out to buy himself some dinner and to pick me up some soup. I'm already in pajamas and took a two hour nap when I got home. I'm sitting in bed with my laptop on my lap and I was thinking about actually watching t.v. I did last night and it was fascinating. (Surely you realize that I have not watched much t.v. since the beginning of school.) It almost feels taboo to watch it. I had high hopes of cleaning the house this weekend and (gasp!) put up my Christmas tree. Josh and I are thinking of staying put this Christmas. We're playing/singing at Christmas eve Mass and we don't really want to drive over to Albuquerque afterwards. Usually the weather is an issue with snowy/icy roads and if that's the case this year, we're not going to attempt it. My sister will be out of town and who knows where my dad will be. We just saw my aunt & uncle so I think we can wait a while. It might be weird for just us to be here but I think it might be kind of nice too. I thought about trying to go see Marty again, but I can't afford it right now. Unless he's coming this way to visit his parents in Albuquerque (which is doubtful) then we'll just have a quiet Christmas here. My friend Kirsten and I will probably spend New Year's together like we have for the past 20 years or so.
We did go shopping on Friday against our better judgment. Kohl's was the worst with checkout lines extending all the way to the back of the store. We didn't go to too many places. We had lunch at Chili's and visited with my supper, then also went to Border's, and Sears so that my aunt could get a new washer and dyer.
We headed back today and now I'm waiting for my soup to heat up so I can try to get a little more food down today. I'm supposed to play tomorrow at church. I hope my issues are resolved or at least on hold then.


Terri said...

hope you feel better. You are probably about 1% of the population that lost weight for the Thanksgiving holiday! :o)

Leann said...

I'm really sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor you! I am very sorry to hear this.