Friday, July 31, 2009

Still don't know

I still don't know what I'm going to do about the dating situation. I'm still talking to him. I still like him. He still likes me. We are both frustrated and feel helpless. But I game him my phone number. He texted me today. Said he's a grandpa. (His oldest son's wife had a baby.) I'm going to keep talking to him. All my friends (who are not Catholic or are not practicing Catholics) feel that I should pursue the relationship in hopes of finding happiness.

I'm being lazy today and I should really stop. I'm going to fix lunch shortly then attempt to work on websites I've neglected for about a year. I have to prepare for a workshop I'm teaching next week. I have to prepare for our trip to New York (one week from today!) I'm NOT ready for school to start. This summer has been too short. I'm trying to be ready for Josh to leave. He's been sorting, packing, and cleaning his room.

I still love my new car. The gas mileage just keeps getting better. I want to take a trip somewhere in it. (Perhaps Colorado??) I know I'm hopeless. Or maybe I'm just hopeful. Probably a very close line there.

Well, time to eat for me. I'll try to be a more active blogger again.

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Leann said...

You make a very valid point in that at our age finding someone who has never been married, is a widower, or can have the marriage(s) annulled is pretty limited.

I agree with Susan in that God has put this person in your path at this moment. Prayer, sole searching, and allowing God to work will hopefully give you the answers you need.

I feel the same way about relationships that you do and I admire your dedication to the Catholic faith.

I'll be adding my prayers to yours and perhaps the path will appear much more clear :-)