Monday, October 19, 2009

The crazy life

Yesterday was a full day. Since I went to church on Saturday, I didn't have to go to Mass on Sunday. I slept in a little bit and then did the review and quiz for my cataloging class. Thankfully I made a perfect score on the first try. The subject is getting a little more hairy, but I'm still managing to follow it pretty well. Figuring out subject headings is a bit confusing.
After I did that, I went to Amarillo for Diocesan choir rehearsal. I did that until almost 4:00. After that I went to help my friend Pam with a computer issue and then we went to dinner at a Mexican food restaurant. I left and went to the grocery store to get things for Josh. I sent him a care package in the mail today.
After I got home I did homework for school. I stayed up until 11:00 doing that and then had to call it a night.

Today was o.k. for a Monday. I'm starting to teach Beowulf but some of my kids are falling asleep in class. I should probably do something about it but since I'm going to let them use their notes on the quizzes, I guess those that follow along will do better than the others. I left school right at 4:00 so I could get back home and to the post office before it closed at 4:30. I mailed Josh's package to him as well as a little care package for Marty as a get well wish. (Yes, we still stay in touch and remain friends. Yes, I still love him and probably always will, but accept the fact that we can never be together.)

Tonight I finished the other half of my grad school homework and got it submitted. I just spent the last hour and a half creating index card reminders of all the cataloging rules so that I could get this week's exam done before I head for San Antonio. I still have a million things on the agenda but I'm going to just do them one at a time.


Leann said...

It sounds like you had a full day as usual.

When you're ready to let go of Marty you will. I believe there are some people we stay attached to no matter what.

Take care my dear.

Andrew said...

I miss you. I miss you sooooo much! We've been blog buddies for years now. I know your busy and I certainly don't want to cajole you into writing when you are tired or harried. I just want you to know I care and still love to read your past postings from time to time. I was just reading your latest post for the probably fifth time. It is comforting to me. It makes me feel connected to you. Take care tonight and sleep well. You deserve the rest. And YAY! for the coaster time you got recently!