Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Stuff

Well, I seem to have hot and cold days with my English class. Some days I can't stand them and then other days they're perfectly fine. In truth, I really like the kids I have - it's just sometimes the mix of them make them difficult to manage. Surprisingly those that I've given detentions to have come through and served them for the most part. I still have one that hasn't which means he'll end up with an office referral and then get an ISS (in school suspension). I'm finally teaching Beowulf. Today I read the first part of it to them and now they're doing a brief writing assignment on it. I still haven't read the whole thing - I mostly stay about a day ahead of them. This year I'm once again flying by the seat of my pants. I often wish there was a time that I didn't always have so much to do. Then again, if I didn't have something pressing at every waking moment, I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself.

I'm not sure what my relationship status with Thomas is right now. He's dealing with a lot stuff and we left some issues unresolved (in my mind at least) last night. He doesn't think he'll come to visit in on the 23rd and though I've offered to travel up there, he won't offer the invitation. He just called and I reminded him of the conversation we had because he didn't think anything between us had changed and though he apologized for being insensitive, issues still remain unresolved. I asked him about the reason why he doesn't want me to come up there and in my mind it isn't particularly valid. He went on to say that he just isn't comfortable with that yet and that sends up a red flag in my mind. I told him so and at that point he didn't want to talk any more. So I guess we'll see if he decides to "deal" again at some point.

In happy news I got the new post secret book today. I can't tell you how much I love post secret. This week I played a video of secrets for my speech class and they had to write a journal on it. Now they are working on their personal profiles which is one of my favorite projects (along with appreciative listening). It would be so nice if my schedule was that I could teach speech classes all day. I think I could do so much more with those classes if I actually had time to prepare for them.

Ok, I'm feeling guilty once again. Tonight I made myself a bloody mary and I'm watching Mythbusters instead of grading papers. But part of me really doesn't care. I am thinking of having another drink, enjoying a great show on duct tape and then going to bed early. So sue me.

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Summer said...

Pay attention to your red flags as they are always right.