Friday, October 16, 2009

Plans are set

Last night I rejoined ACE. I signed up for the event at Fiesta Texas. I've reserved hotel rooms for my trip. On Friday I'm driving down to Junction, TX after school. Luckily we have an early out that day. Then I'll drive into San Antonio on Saturday morning and go directly to the park. I'll enjoy the ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) that morning on my favorite coasters and enjoy the park the rest of the day. I'll head back on Sunday morning. I know it's a quick trip down there and back, but I've made quicker ones. One year when Josh made all-state band, I drove down halfway on Friday after school, then went to his concert on Saturday, had lunch and then drove home. Of course we can't forget the trip where I went down there and had the stomach flu while driving home.

Still haven't heard from Thomas. I sent him an email tonight just asking if things are over. I just don't like to be left "hanging on" so to speak. Unless we can resolve the issue, then in my mind it is over. I just don't know if that is going to happen.

Josh is doing great in school. He absolutely loves college. It suits him perfectly. He has already had a lot of great opportunities there. His favorite band composer, Mark Camphouse, came and directed his band for a concert. He also got to sit on a master class with him. Now he's getting involved in the scoring of a movie that the university produces every year. The theater department puts it together and the composition department gets to score the music for it. He calls me at least every week to tell me what's going on. Of course he finally added me on facebook so I can keep up with him that way as well.

I think I have choir rehearsal tomorrow. I should go check my schedule. If you haven't noticed.. I'm trying to post more regularly. I think right now it is simply because I'm avoiding other stuff.

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Leann said...

Okay, so I had fallen behind on keeping up with your blog. It appears there are several things that have changed.

I am sorry to hear about the boyfriend situation.

I am very happy to hear that you are progressing on the librarian degree. I know you'll do an awesome job on that one.

It is good to hear that your son is settling in and still very communicative about what is going on in his world.

Hang in there girl and enjoy your weekend.