Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, I tried give him the opportunity to clear things up but for me it's over. Mostly it is the realization that he wasn't "it" for me and I knew that he never would be. The way he deals with things is to not deal with them and I can't handle that. There are other things too, but I know it's just not in the cards. The fact that he's already put up a profile on is another sure sign that he's moved on.

For myself, I went to confession today and while it was difficult, it was very relieving. I feel like I'm getting a fresh start. I need to quit seeking my will and focus more on God's plans for me. Being the control freak that I am makes that difficult, but I feel like I can at least try again.... or let God work on me a bit.

I played at Mass tonight which means I don't have to go in the morning. I do have things to accomplish tomorrow, however. The list is never ending. I also have diocesan choir rehearsal as well. I guess I should get a few things done tonight before I go to bed.


Tamara said...

You sound like your handling things better than I could.I've also got back in church recently and it's been such a relief.
Hang in there,hun...I know this is such a cliche',but time really does heal all wounds.Plus,like I keep telling myself,God doesn't give us more than we can handle.
Take Care,hun

Leann said...

You do sound as if you are handling it fairly well. I, like you, am a control freak so letting go and letting God is so darned hard for me.

Hang in there, focus on your life and you'll be surprised where God leads you ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday sweetie.