Wednesday, March 17, 2010

first real day of spring break

Monday was spent mostly in bed. I didn't even get to say bye to Josh before he headed out on his spring break trip to Colorado with his buddies. I did do a little reading on Monday but mostly spent it in bed recovery dealing with the cold I caught in El Paso. On Tuesday I had homework due - which I think is horrible during spring break. I didn't get started until late though. I continued to read the book I started on Monday and had to finish. It was the first time I read a book for pleasure since Christmas. So I read the book and then watched American Idol. I eventually got to the homework and got it done by 10:00.
Today I got up around 9 something, got dressed and headed to Amarillo. I bought a bunch of rosary making supplies. My friend, Pam, wanted two rosaries made so I got the materials for it as well as several others. I spent this afternoon making a few of them except I miscounted a strand that I bought and I'm one bead short. So I guess I need to go out and buy another strand just for one bead. Now I'm watching American Idol while chatting with Marty online.
I'm going to take another day of doing nothing school related and on Friday I'm going up to school to do some work and pick up papers to grade. I'm getting to the point that I really just don't like my job any more. I don't know if it is the five-year thing for me, but I want out right now. I heard there might be a librarian opening in another district close by. I think I might go ahead and put in my application. I don't have anything to lose by doing so.
Well, I'm going to watch to see if Lacey is going home. It's not looking good right now.


Anonymous said...

You can always sent in an application! This weekend I will write some letters. By coincidence, there is a large company in the North that needs a person working in their library. I could do it immedeately. And would.
Hope your cold is really over and not only protracted - have no idea whether that's the right word: In German it is a "verschleppte Erkältung", what means nothing else but the thing is not properly healed and will strike back.
Get well!

Anonymous said...

Did you write an appointment?