Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging in there

I felt very guilty by the fact that I didn't do any paper grading during spring break. I finally decided that spring break should have been just that - a break. I read a book NOT for a class. I crocheted. I made a bunch of rosaries. I watched a lot of t.v. I played on the computer. I napped. I attempted a little cleaning until I realized I had clogged drain on Sunday. My brother came out today but I'm going to have to break down and call a plumber tomorrow. I guess it is a good thing that Southwest won't take my credit card that I've tried to use to pay for our trip this summer. Hopefully calling the plumber won't break the bank for me.
I caught up on some of my grad school work, but I've been uninspired lately. I had homework due tonight and I didn't start it until I got home from school today. Luckily it seemed to go well and I got it done by 6:30 so I had the chance to go to the communal penance service at Church. I made another rosary when I got home and watched the second half of American Idol. Last night I watched an interesting documentary called Afghan Star which is basically Afghanistan's version of American Idol. It was kind of odd, but fascinating at the same time.
I'm going to start the biggest loser challenge at school again. I didn't win last time, but I also didn't push myself. I probably gained a couple of pounds back over spring break, but I'm going to try to push myself a little more and add more exercise this time... at least that is the plan right now. Well, I'm going to call it a night and go to bed early - which I think is unheard of!

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Anonymous said...

No guilt, it's a break. And you need it.