Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Just going... going...going...

Well I survived the NFL district tournament. I had great fears that we wouldn't have enough judges, that there would be some major arguments and it would just all go crazy! But it really went surprisingly well. A few glitches happened here and there, but overall it ended up going well. Of course that put me enormously behind on homework. I had a research paper due on Monday and I hadn't even started writing it. I had some research but nothing set down. I wrote all day Sunday and got half of it done. I did the other half after school on Monday. I stayed at the school until 7:30 then headed home, stopping at Walmart for cat food before the cats complained too loudly.
I was able to get the paper finished. Probably not my best work, but I did enjoy the topic which is how technology impacts literacy.
This class is kicking my butt right now. I have put off work in my other class and I need to get back on track. What am I doing besides blogging right now? Watching American Idol of course. Is it so wrong to take a break once in a while?
I was rather productive at school today. I had to clean my room in preparation for TAKS testing tomorrow. I didn't get it all done but enough to make a difference. The desks are cleared and cleaned. I cleaned up my area at the front of the room.
Tomorrow I is TAKS testing day and I have to read the test to the 5 students I'm testing. It's not a bad deal. Less students and I don't mind reading it out loud. At least it gives me something to do. I'll take my new Mental Floss magazine and the Reader's Digest that I haven't read to peruse after the test is over. I really miss reading. It seems I don't have time for it these days despite the fact that I noted its importance in my paper.
Well Idol is over so I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Yes, I should be doing homework, but sometimes you just need a break!!!

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Anonymous said...

Alive and kicking - It's very nice to ehear from you again!