Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crunch Time

It seems I only have the time to publish something about once a week right now. Today I really don't have the time but am taking a little bit anyway. I have a major paper due Saturday and I haven't started it really. I have some information, some research, and some books, but that's it. I've been bombarded with a million other things like Church, grades, homework in my other class, animals to feed, not to mention all the other little things going on at school. So here's how the week has been thus far:
Last Friday - UIL contest ALL day.
Saturday - Music rehearsal 9:00 a.m.; Sing for funeral @ 11:00 a.m.; Another music rehearsal at 1:00 p.m.; play at Saturday evening service @ 4:15 p.m.
Sunday - Sang at 11:15 Mass; Went to school to leave sub plans; worked on assignment due that day; printer broke; went to Walmart to get a new printer; that printer didn't work; took it back; got another printer; started paper at 8:00 p.m.; uploaded at 11:41 p.m.
Monday - Judged LD Debate all day until 3:00; did some work at home until 6:45; choir rehearsal 7:00-9:30
Tuesday - School all day - graded papers; picked up dinner at 6:00; Watched American Idol (while grading papers); graded papers until 11:00
Wednesday - School graded papers, handed out grade sheets, graded more papers, made sub plans for tomorrow; picked up Sonic (grilled chicken wrap and diet cherry limeade); blogging when I should be doing something else.

So that's been the last few days. Tonight's agenda includes a short nap (maybe?); watching American Idol (I do have my priorities, right?); working on senior yearbook pages; printing out the articles for my paper.

Tomorrow I've taken a personal day from school to devote the entire day (at least until early evening) to writing my paper. The paper is 15-20 pages with 20 sources used. I have the materials (I think) but need to digest it all and then put it together.

The rest of the week consists of:
Thursday - Holy Thursday Service - playing at 6:15; Friday (1/2 day of school - then more paper writing and other homework), Good Friday Service @ 6:15; Saturday (more writing of the paper), Easter Vigil Service @ 7:15, upload paper before midnight; Sunday - Sing @ Easter Sunday service 10:15 a.m. Then I'm going to sleep for the rest of the day - not really - then I have to edit and finish ANOTHER paper for a different class. It is never ending.

There's a job I'm interested in the Dallas area. I haven't decided if I will apply for it yet. I've submitted my application to another local district. My principal is still being wishy-washy about my schedule next year. So I'm keeping my eyes open for other possibilities. Though I do like the district I'm in, I really want out of teaching.

Well, that's it. I'm sure you're exhausted just reading this. Now, I'm thinking I might lay down for about an hour. Of course I'm going to feel guilty about it, but I'm lagging right now and I think a power nap is in the works. Since I don't have to be up quite at the crack of dawn tomorrow, I think I can afford a quick nap and staying up late tonight. Maybe.


mago said...

Teehee ... finished my work for tomorrow just an hour ago ... don't tell me about braking printers ... :)

Leann said...

enjoy your nap and try to fit in you time in that crunch. Sounds like American Idol (minus grading papers) might do it :-)