Sunday, January 22, 2012

A hangover

I have to admit I drank too much this weekend.  But I guess I should start with Friday.  Matt and I went to see the move “The Artist” on Friday and then we went out to eat at an Italian pizza place.  I stayed at his place and came home Saturday morning since he had to work on Saturday.  On Saturday, I did a little work on the website, started reading the next Sue Grafton, and mostly just lazed around.  Matt went to mass at 5:30 and I didn’t go with him because I was supposed to go with a friend from school on Sunday morning.  The friend (who is the school nurse) called and cancelled around 5:00 while I was in the shower and it was too late to meet Matt.  She was coming down with the flu or some other crud she picked up from the students and didn’t think she would be feeling up to going.  I texted Matt, but he doesn’t always carry his cell phone with him.  We were supposed to go to his friend Jason’s house for Scrabble, but those plans never came through so Matt came over around 8:00 with steaks and we cooked those for dinner.  We had some wine with dinner and then more wine.  And then we both had way too much.  I probably had a glass too many because I ended up getting sick.  It was not fun.  But Matt was good and he took care of me.  He wanted me to come over to his place with him this morning and hang out, but I still wasn’t feeling all that great and I had to work on a presentation I’m doing tomorrow during inservice.  I slept in a few more hours, worked on the presentation some, took tylenol, took a bath, slept some more and then finally pulled myself together enough to get ready for church.  Matt took me to the Cathedral for mass at 5:00 and then I took him to dinner.  After dinner we hung out at his place for a few hours before I had to head back here.  I have to get to bed early because I have to get to school early to set up for the professional development tomorrow.  Even though it wasn’t an ideal situation to get totally blitzed, we did have fun and lots of good conversation.  I think he is going to be a keeper.  I haven’t scared him off yet and he still seems to adore me.  He tells me all the time how lucky he is to have me in his life. 


Jan said...


So happy for you!


Jan said...

Oh, about him being a keeper, not about the hang over....