Thursday, January 12, 2012

Successful Scrabble

Tonight I played pretty well. I won two out of three games and two of them were over 400 points. I had four bingos as well. The game I lost was only by 22 points and I had some good potential bingos, but the board was very closed and I couldn’t play much. We had a good turnout tonight. Two new guys showed up and played and there were several other “regulars” that I hadn’t seen before. I visited with Cathie (Matt’s friend Jason’s mom) and got a little more information from her about the conversations that occurred about me on Monday. I’m guessing that like most “girls” do is that they planned out Matt and my future together. She did say that he liked me a lot and that Rose is very anxious to meet me. Before the practice we met for dinner at Taco Cabana and Josh joined us. They seemed to hit it off with talk about movies and such. Josh has met him before but I think it’s good that they can converse well with each other.

It was another busy day at school. I was working on the library order this morning when I found out that I couldn’t buy the materials for the subject areas that I was planning to. Instead I had to focus on reading, math, and ESL. So I shifted gears and went about choosing books that have high interest but lower reading levels for the struggling readers. I also went over research skills with two English classes and then worked on the math make up stuff for tomorrow. I stayed at school working on it until 5:15 when I had to leave to meet Matt and Josh. I’m not finished, but I’ll try to get there early to get everything done.

Matt is coming over tomorrow evening and I’ll make something quick for dinner and then we will probably watch a movie. We’re going to play some Scrabble with his friends on Saturday and hopefully I will get to meet Rose. Matt has to work Sunday, but we’ll probably go to church that evening. I have Monday off so I’m looking forward to sleeping in. I still feel like I’m not getting enough sleep. And yet, I’m up late once again. Oh well, it is a busy but really good life so I can’t complain too much. After all sleep is overrated, right?

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Leann said...

It sounds like your life is going along really well with much happiness. I wish you the best and great job on the Scrabble!!