Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Cold Snap

We’ve had our first bit of cold weather here in SA.  We had a thunderstorm roll through on Friday that dumped a lot of rained and dropped the temps down into the 50’s.  It was very chilly that day.  On Saturday, the high was in the mid 60’s when Matt and I went to Sea World.  I wore a sweatshirt so it was actually comfortable most of the day.  I got to get some coaster rides in as well.  By the time it got dark, it was pretty chilly.  We left a little before 9 pm.    Luckily it hasn’t been cold enough to turn the heat on.  (I hope the heat works, though.)  It’s a good time of year for my utility bill.  Not running the air or heat means a lower bill! 

It was very lovely to sleep in this morning. I got up around 9:30 and had some leftovers for breakfast. Today I’m going to start painting the loft area.  That’s hopefully one of the last big to-do things on my list that needs to be done so I can finally get completely unpacked.  Though I doubt I’ll ever be completely unpacked.  Matt is moving stuff into my garage.  He has a storage closet at his apartment and is going to give it up to save some money on his rent.  He has a game table that he wants to put in the loft.  I’m going to have to reupholster the chairs, but I think it will be ok once I do that.  Of course it is going to have stay in the garage until I get that area painted and unpacked.  It’s full of my boxes of books and Marvin stuff.

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