Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still alive…mostly

I’ve had allergy issues for going on two weeks now.  I’m either stuffy, sneezing, sniffly, or congested at any given time.  In spite of this, I’m staying pretty busy which has limited my time in unpacking and working on the house.  I finally got my bedroom unpacked this weekend.  I now have clothes in drawers and I’m no longer living out of boxes for the most part.  I still need to hang curtains in the living room which is on the to-do list for tomorrow.  I also have to paint the loft area before I can unpack the numerous boxes that are up there. 

I had orchestra rehearsal last night and have band tonight.  I’m really ready for a break.  Tomorrow is supposed to be bowling.  As much as I like being social with my co-workers, doing something every evening takes it toll.  Scrabble is on Thursday and I’m not sure what is in store for Friday.  Luckily, Saturday is a free day for me.  Perhaps I’ll get some painting done. 

I’m heading out to band rehearsal early tonight.  There’s a cocky kid that keeps trying to sit above me so I want to get there early and claim my spot at the end of the row.  It might be petty, but since I volunteered to move down to 2nd part, I feel like I kind of deserve to sit on the end. 

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Are you OK?