Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skipped Scrabble

It’s difficult to have something going on every night of the week.  I was supposed to go to Scrabble practice tonight, but I opted out.  I did meet Matt for dinner at Taco Cabana which has been our tradition for a while, but instead of going to Scrabble I went to the store for some much needed items.  I just finished paying bills as well.  I just made my first house payment.  It was actually lower than my rent payment used to be.  Since I paid off most of my credit cards last month, I actually have a little extra money in my account now.  It’s a good feeling to have a little cushion. 

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been able to do some reading lately.  I am finally reading some of the books I’ve ordered for my library.  I feel like my biggest weakness as a librarian right now is that I can’t truly recommend books I know about to my students.  My goal is to read at least two new books a month.  I’ve also started a library club at school and I have about 50 kids that are participating in it.  Luckily we’re only officially meeting twice a month, but it keeps me busy.  I’m starting a Scrabble club as well, but the first meeting won’t be until November. 

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