Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hanging in here

Well, I guess there’s at least one blog reader still hanging on even though I haven’t posted much. Annie, yes, I’m ok, just staying busy as ever.  When I’m not working, I’m usually doing something else.  I’ve had orchestra rehearsals, band rehearsals, concerts for both, meetings, Scrabble practice, and shopping.  Last weekend I finally bought my dining room set.  It will be delivered next Saturday.  I also painted two more walls of the living room and a wall in the dining area.  I bought paint for the loft area and will try to get to that at some point.  It’s already gearing up to be another busy weekend.  Matt wants me to go to the movies with him and his friend Ira on Friday.  On Saturday we are going Sea World because he got free tickets from work as an employee appreciation thing.  Unfortunately, a cold front is coming in this weekend so it might actually be cold.  On Sunday he wants to go to Austin for a book thing. 

The house is slowly coming along.  Still not completely unpacked, but hope to be there by Thanksgiving or so.  I got some artwork for my walls and I hung the curtains in the living room.  I plan to post pictures once it looks like a house and not a storage facility. 

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