Sunday, December 30, 2012

House Tour

Well as promised, I’m providing you with a video house tour. I hope the video works. I think my voice is a little muffled. I may have had a finger over the mic or something – not sure, but it took about 8 takes to get this done, so you’ll have to deal with it I guess. I didn’t realize I had to hold my phone horizontally to video. I took other videos vertically and when I played them, they were sideways. So here’s the tour of my house if you’re interested.



Jan said...

I love the house! You have such wonderful closets and all those kitchen cabinets!!!! I got a kick out of you saying there are closets you really haven't used yet. After exactly one year in my house, I think I need to purge already!

The tour was fun, thanks for sharing with us.

Happy new year,

Annabel said...

Thanks Jan. I actually do have "stuff" in every closet. The extra closet in the bedroom, I'm trying to leave it for Matt if/when he lives here permanently. But I still have some unpacked boxes in there. I'm sure I need to purge as well!

Leann said...

Loved the tour. The house looks so nice. I love when you say you have way too many shoes but there is always room for

Thank you for sharing your space :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your house! Thanks for sharing with us!