Sunday, December 16, 2012

Time to clean

The big Christmas party is now less than a week away.  (Assuming the world doesn’t end on Friday.)  I decided that I need to get most of my cleaning and stuff done this weekend.  I’ve hung pictures and put together a bookcase so far.  I started on hanging curtains, but am having issues with them.  I need to go to the hardware store and get a few things I think.  Matt is off playing Scrabble today.  I’m kind of working on the house, but I’m taking frequent breaks.  A nap might be in order as well.  I do have to get to the store at some point. 

Thankfully there’s only a week of school left until Christmas break.  I’m so ready for the break.  I had to be a sub for a teacher on Friday.  That really sucked.  It was a reminder why I got out of teaching in the first place.  I love being a librarian and I couldn’t be a teacher today.  It was exhausting and all I did was show a video and have them do an assignment afterward.  Of course it was a completely wasted day for me. 

It looks like the Christmas party is shaping up to be a good one.  Several of Matt’s co-workers have said that they would be coming and several of mine are as well.  We’ve got some Scrabble friends coming as well so I think it will be a success.  I just hope I can get everything done before then. 

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Jan said...

Nothing like throwing a party to get your rear in gear and get things done, is there? I love it! Used that strategy on myself many times.

Do what you can, let the rest go and have a great time!