Sunday, December 23, 2012

Successful Christmas Party

Well, the Christmas party went without a hitch.  I cleaned and cleaned the week before.  Yesterday morning, I continued cleaning and did a lot of cooking.  We had way too much food of course, but everyone seemed to enjoy everything.  Most people said that I had a lovely house as well.  We probably about 20 people come over altogether.  I made bacon wrapped weenies with brown sugar, queso, chicken bites coated with french fried onions and homemade honey mustard sauce, cucumber sandwiches, lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, a white chocolate – raspberry cake, two kinds of punch and hot spiced wine.  Josh made oatmeal raisin cookies with cinnamon chips and Matt got a sampler tray of meats and cheese from the New Braufels’ smokehouse. 

Oh, at the party last night I sold two rosaries!  I was showing some friends the ones I had made and two of them bought one from me.  So I made $35 that I didn’t plant to have.  That was kind of cool.  I might try to sell some online again. 

We are going to the Spurs game tonight. Josh is going with us. He’s never been to a professional basketball game. I hope he’ll enjoy it. It’s hard not to get in the spirit with the crowd. It should be fun. 

We have no plans tomorrow other than I need to get out and do a few last minute shopping things.  I’m going to try to get out early in the morning and hopefully avoid the big crowds.  We’ll see how it goes. 

In case I don’t post for a while, I hope all my blog readers have a very Merry Christmas! 


Leann said...

Merry Christmas and a beautiful 2013 to you Annabel. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!