Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Always an excuse

So my exercise routine is lacking a lot lately.  But I always have an excuse!  Let’s see – Monday – I was just tired and if I skipped, I’d just have to make sure I did it on Tuesday.  Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well.  I had a long day at school, training after school, then a band board meeting, and I skipped out on band because I didn’t feel good.  That was my excuse yesterday.  So today the problem is that my phone isn’t working with headphones and I can’t walk without music.  I did order a tv, but my wall mount hasn’t arrived yet.  So I’m not going to exercise again tonight.  I know I should but it’s horrible enough without entertainment.  Have I mentioned how much I hate exercising? 

My library is like a refrigerator.  The temperature hovers between 60 and 62 degrees.  I was freezing by the time I left school today.  It’s hard to get stuff done when you’re cold and can’t concentrate.  I worked on some website stuff today.  I shared a logo idea with my principal and she loved it.  Only two more days until spring break.  I need to start doing some cleaning and organizing the library so it’s not such a mess when I get back. 

Well since I didn’t exercise, I did make an effort to do some cleaning this evening.  I vacuumed the feathers and mess left by the new kitty and loaded the dishwasher.  Matt finally finished the 5th Harry Potter book.  I have to read a book that I’m offering my students to read during the library club meeting tomorrow. 

I’m waiting for Matt to get here with dinner.  I love Matt very much, but our dining times don’t always mesh well.  I’m used to eating supper fairly early and he’s ok with waiting a while.  So while I wait I snack which isn’t good.  It’s frustrating when he wants to go out on the weekends and we can’t get seated any place decent because it’s so late when we get there.  He surprised me last Saturday by getting here early and we finally got to eat at Pappasito’s with only a 15 minute wait.  Usually when we go, the wait is an hour and half and we choose to leave.  I think I’m going to go have a pickle.  And maybe a slice of cheese. 

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