Friday, March 29, 2013

What to do today?

Yay, I have the day off!  It was nice to sleep in this morning, but of course I was awake at 7:15.  Why is it that during the week, waking up by 7:15 is difficult and I feel exhausted, but on the day I don’t have to get up at that time that I feel fully rested? 

So my plans for today are to get some house cleaning done.  My aunt and uncle are coming here on the 18th so I need to get ready for that.  Felix has made a mess of things.  He destroys feathered cat toys and leaves a mess all over the house. 

Work was exhausting this week.  The library was closed because of testing in the lab, but I still had a lot to do.  I had to do a lot of work prepping for the UIL academic contests of which I am coordinator.  Every day at lunch I lugged six Scrabble boards, racks, and tiles into the cafeteria so my students could play Scrabble.  This was the last week of our fundraiser so they needed to get as many points as possible.  On Thursday, I had to clean out my conference room that had been filled with equipment to be discarded.  I haven’t had time this year to deal with that so I that’s what I did all day yesterday. 

I finally got Matt to upgrade his cell phone.  His old phone frustrated a lot of people because he didn’t know how to check his voicemail and he let the message box get too full where nobody could leave a message.  He also wouldn’t text with it.  For his birthday, I gave him my old iPhone with a new case and put him on my cell phone plan.  Now he’s using the phone more and he has even texted me back!  I think he does like  using it. 

Well, I guess I think about cleaning soon.  Right now the tv is beckoning me. 

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