Saturday, November 02, 2013

I'm a bad blogger

I know, I know. I haven't blogged in forever. I feel bad, but life just seems to get in the way these days. I don't know if anyone is still reading out there, but I'll try to give you a few updates.
Class reunion
Matt and I headed back to Cayon a few weeks ago to attend my 25th class reunion. We drove halfway on Thursday evening and then the rest of the way on Friday. We had lunch at The Plaza with a retired speech teacher friend of mine and then we checked into our hotel. After that, we headed to Walmart to pick up some things - a hat and sweatshirt for Matt because it was colder than we expected. Friday evening at the tailgate party before the game was pretty miserable. It was about 35 degrees with 30 mph winds. The class turnout was ok, but a lot of people didn't want to brave the weather. Our team won handily and after the game we went to an after party.
Saturday morning the committee had to decorate the dinner area so we had to get up early. We took care of that and then picked up Taco Villa for lunch. We were supposed to have a picnic at Conner Park, but only about a dozen classmates showed because it was still windy and cool (and a few might have been hungover from the night before). The party Saturday evening was successful but we must be getting old. Most people left by 10:30 and we had the venue cleaned up before midnight.
We went to church on Sunday morning and were able to visit with my good friend Carol for a little while. We stopped at Taco Villa (again) for lunch before heading back home to San Antonio.
If you asked me about school this past Friday, I would tell you that it is horrible and that I need to look for another job. In general, it has been ok. Scrabble club is still going strong. I still have a million things to do every day and I never have enough time to finishe them. Now, I'm teaching a "flex" period class for 30 minutes every day and I usually don't get the "lessons" until the morning of. That is frustrating and irritating. Friday royally sucked. I had to be a "substitute teacher" on Friday because we had 10 teachers out and only 2 subs on campus. So I got Mr. Limon's English classes. I had them to a research assignment in my lab, but that meant that I had to stay in there the entire time and didn't get any work done in the library. I didn't get to eat lunch at all that day. On top of that, we had a school assembly and at the last minute they came to tell me that they needed a projector and laptop set up in the auditorium ASAP. Someone else had to take the class down while I took care of the equipment. The assembly was about bullying and wouldn't you know that at the end of it two guys broke into an actual fight. It was embarassing. I was so frustrated by the end of the day that I came home mad and hungry. I just felt overwhelmingly emotional that I never really calmed down until I finally went to sleep after taking a benadryl.
I had to get up dark and early this morning (5:30 a.m.) so that we could head to Waco for the Texas State Scrabble Championship. I didn't really want to come, but I know Matt wanted me to play (and he paid my entry) so I came. I decided to have the attitude that whatever happens, happens. I don't care whether I win or lose. I'm just going to play. I guess that attitude is working because I played fairly well today. It doesn't mean I'll still do well tomorrow - but again, it doesn't matter. I've already won my expected number of wins so my rating shouldn't drop any. After the rounds were done today, Matt took me Kohl's and I bought a new pair of jeans and a shirt. We went to The Elite Cafe for dinner. Food was ok, but not outstanding. Now we're back at the hotel and I'm looking forward to getting to sleep in with the time change tomorrow. I guess that's all the excitement in my world at the moment. I'll try to post more often this month. Maybe I'll participate in one of the daily meme things going around.


Anonymous said...

I am still out here checking for updates. Love reading your posts.

Andrew Quixote said...

Hey, don't want to pressure you to post, but it thrilled me to get a post today.

Anonymous said...

Ah the life of a school teacher, librarian, counselor, et al…it is so chaotic. And frustrating.