Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm Engaged!

It's official. Matt and I are engaged. I've been sitting on this information for two and a half weeks which has been difficult. So the last two or three people that actually read this blog will get the story. This blessed event actually started on my birthday and a very bad mood. All day long Matt would tell me that my present was that he was going to mow the yard. He did mow the yard, but I didn't think that was a very good present since he normally does that anyway. The only thing he did for me on my birthday was take me out to dinner. That was nice (in spite of the restaurant messing up my order), but that was it. No flowers, no other gift, no promise of I'll get you something later. We got home and then he proceeded to sit on the couch and watch sports. I had enough so I decided to go to bed a little after nine. I was in bed watching the Big Bang Theory when he came into the bedroom. I told him that he didn't need to be up there. He said that yes he did. He then dug into his dresser and pulled something out. He sat on the bed and said it was my present. I opened a velvet bag and discovered that he had given me his Rolex watch. I asked him why he was giving me his Rolex. He said that he wanted me to sell it so that we could use the money to buy an engagement ring. I asked "Really?" He said "Yes." So that started the process of figuring out the best way to sell the Rolex and get enough money for a ring. At that time he said that he thought we should wait to tell people until we actually had a ring. I reluctantly agreed, though I did tell my aunt. Thankfully, I did because we were able to sell the Rolex to my uncle for more than we'd probably get on ebay, at a pawn shop, or a jewelry store. I decided that I would also try to trade in my wedding ring from my previous marriage to help cover the cost as well. We started looking at rings the day after my birthday. We went to the largest, but best reviewed jewelry store in San Antonio. Their selection and pricing overall seemed good, but they were unwilling to take a ring for trade. The next day we went to another local store who advertised that they bought jewelry, but they only wanted to give me $650 for my ring that originally cost $2300. We tried another locally owned store in the mall and found something I liked, but with my ring as a trade, they wanted $3700 on top of that. We thought that was too much, even with the $2000 we were getting for the Rolex. The salesperson invited us to come back later in the week when the owner was there since he had the ability to make a better deal. Next we went to Jared but we both didn't like the atmosphere at all. It seemed they were trying to upsell from the moment we walked in the door - pointing out all the magnificent jewelry they had. We both decided that would not do business there after we left. Matt thought that we could possibly afford an extra $1000 for the ring so we decided to check out the store at the mall again last Friday. The owner was there so we looked at the setting I liked again and checked out several round solitaire diamonds to go in it. I choose the diamond I liked best and then set to negotiating. I had given the owner my ring to examine and told him that we had $3000 to spend in total after the trade. He asked if that needed to include taxes and I said yes. He crunched the numbers and said that he could do that so we applied for financing (six months, no interest) and he was able to have the stone set and the ring resized while we waited. So I had my ring last Friday, but Matt still wanted to wait to tell people. I had to finally wear him down and compromise so we set the "roll out" date for Thanksgiving. Of course he had a double standard it seems. He ended up telling some of his out of town friends when he talked to them on the phone. I decided that I could play that game so I told my three friends that were going to be my bridesmaids last weekend. My friend, Carol, also knew early on because I was going to have her start checking with Father Phan (my priest back in Canyon) to see what dates would be available this summer. Matt originally wanted to get married in May, but I reminded him that I was still in school until June. He then said June, but I think we have decided on July since it will be easier for one of my bridesmaids and for the music if I can coordinate it during band camp. I got to start wearing my ring when we left for Albuquerque on Monday. It feels a little weird, but I think it is beautiful. My aunt took some pictures of us so that I could post them on Facebook. Can you believe that I'm actually getting married? A part of me is still in shock. I never thought that moving to San Antonio would have such a positive impact on my life. Matt is an absolutely wonderful man and I am so lucky to have found him! I can't put pictures on this blog right now since I'm posting from an iPad. If you're friends with me on Facebook, there will be some pictures there.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jan said...

I'm so happy for you! Your ring is beautiful.

My proposal and engagement was just about as complicated as yours but I swear we are among the most blessed people.

How cool!

Anonymous said...

All the best !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You seem to be a genuine and good hearted person and the proof is a happy milestone you deserve!