Friday, November 15, 2013


It was a relief to end this week.  With the excitement of the news broadcast earlier this week, I stayed behind on getting things done that I needed to.  Of course that meant that I would get further behind because I had to babysit again on Thursday.  I had the ESL students and the first class was only four students, but the three boys in there were jerks.  They pretended that they didn’t understand anything I was saying to them like “sit down” but had the ability to ask me in English if I knew the bad words in Spanish.  I’m sure they cursed me out, but I was fed up by that point.  I was trying to get ready to go to a meeting where I had to leave by noon, but I kept getting bombarded with students. 

At the library meeting yesterday, 10 schools were awarded grant funding to start their own Scrabble clubs at their schools.  I’ve started a trend it seems.  I’m excited that other schools are getting on board and I hope we can have some interschool competitions in the spring. 

Tomorrow I’m going to take my car to the tire place and have the tires rotated and balanced.  My tire light has been staying on but I think that was due to the cold front we had come through this week.  Luckily the weather is warming back up.  It was a beautiful day today.  I actually had to turn the air conditioning back on at the house this evening. 

Tomorrow I’m also going to mail Josh my old iPhone since his phone is cracked and he still has another year to go before he can get another one. 

I’m glad we only have one more week of school before Thanksgiving break.  We are looking forward to going to Albuquerque.  I just found out that my sister is going to be moving to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the next month or two.  That will make it nice for visiting and going to ride roller coasters. 

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