Wednesday, November 06, 2013

New Books!

Even though I work in middle school library, I order a lot of cool books.  Today I got half of an order in and I spent time processing the books, but that also means I take time to sit and look at some of them.  I made a commitment on GoodReads this year to read 50 books and I’m behind at the moment.  I am reading a library book on my Kindle, but I have about 20 books to go before the end of the year.  Maybe with my new books, I’ll find several that I can read quickly and add them to my list.  I still have a few more Rick Riordan books to finish so I should be good if I read some every night.

I skipped band yesterday.  We had a late faculty meeting after school and I didn’t feel like rushing over to rehearsal.  It was nice to stay home and do nothing.  Matt and I were going to go to Wurstfest in New Braufels this evening, but the weather is kind of cool and windy.  I was already feeling cold from being in my library all day so we decided to just stay home.  I made some fish, pasta, corn, and salad for dinner. 

We are going to a Spurs game this Friday.  My birthday is Sunday so Matt will take me out to dinner.  Other than that, we have no plans.  Josh is in Houston so I guess we’ll have our birthday dinner some other time. 

We’re heading to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving this year.  We were going to drive, but my aunt and uncle paid for us to fly there instead.  We will fly out of Houston to make it easier on Josh since he still has school the day we’re leaving. 

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Jan said...

Things in my life are getting pretty hectic (Facebook announcement coming soon), so I'm going to wish you an early and very happy birthday!