Friday, March 14, 2014

Cleaning Binge

Yesterday I was on a cleaning binge.  Earlier this week Matt and I started to go through his boxes of stuff that have been sitting up stairs since he moved in last October.  I don’t know if the difference in packing is a men vs. women thing or if it’s just Matt, but I shook my head many, many times as I opened boxes.  It was as if he found an empty box and shoved whatever would fit into it and then put a lid on it.  No sorting, no rhyme or reason as to what was in there.  I, on the other hand, at least try to pack similar things in the same box – or at least stuff that goes in the same room in the same box.  I finally have the guest room and the floor of the loft area cleared of all his stuff, though he still has about six boxes of things to go through.  I created several boxes for sorting and a filing system for papers.  I also cleaned up Josh’s room (as much as possible with Matt’s desk still in pieces), the master bedroom and most of the master bathroom.  I still need to clean the toilet, the floor, and my closet.  I’m trying to get myself motivated to get started, but it hasn’t worked yet.

I enjoyed sleeping in this morning until I noticed it was “too” quiet.  Angie didn’t come when I called her so I figured she must be up to more trouble.  (She tore up carpet in Josh’s room earlier this week.)  Sure enough, when I went outside in the back yard, she came running from the side of the house.  I went to investigate and she had started digging underneath the fence.  She hadn’t made her escape yet, but was close.  So now I have her locked inside and will have to go to the hardware store and get more cinderblocks today. 

To answer Summer’s question posed on my facebook page – No, I’m not cleaning the garage.  Half of the garage is fine – my car is parked in there right now.  The other half is a different story.  We have Matt’s love seat, washer and dryer, table and chairs, and a myriad of other boxes from his storage closet.  There are also most of the empty boxes that I used for my own move.  The garage will be a summer project at some point, but not sure if it will be this summer or not.  When I do finally clean it out, I want to paint the walls.  Right now they are a dark green with a yellow stripe at the tope.  Probably former Greenbay Packer fans lived here.  I want it a nice neutral gray.  I also want a large tool box so I can actually put tools away where I can find them when I need them.   Maybe that will be next year’s Christmas present. 

Well, I guess I should try to get motivated to get going.  I have to run to the local library for a book today, then to the store for more laundry detergent (and cinder blocks). 

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