Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sick of being sick

I went to the doctor last Friday hoping that I could get some medicine to kick whatever infection I had.  They did a strep test that came out negative and said that it was probably a viral infection that would just have to go away on its own.  I should get rest and drink lots of fluids.  Well, Matt and I headed to Dallas Friday evening and spent the weekend there so I didn’t really get any rest.  I did get to meet some of his family (cousins and an uncle) and that was nice.  I still wasn’t feeling great on Monday so I called in sick to work.  The library was going to be closed for testing in the morning and then I was going to be gone for a meeting in the afternoon, so I figured I might as well get some extra rest.  I did, though, I still went to the afternoon meeting.  I took it easy last night, went to bed at a decent hour and felt a little better this morning.  I went to work but found out at the last minute that I would be doing more testing today.  I still had a cough that I quelled with cough drops and water as much as I could.  I just didn’t feel up to par this afternoon so I didn’t do much work.  I mostly read a book.  Since it was a YA novel, I figured it was part of my job.  I had to go to yet another meeting after school today.  I was supposed to go to band rehearsal tonight, but with the coughing, I figured I shouldn’t go.  I just took some cough and cold medicine that I hope works or at least knocks me out soon.  I’m hoping that since I’m sick this week that I’ll be healthy during spring break and be able to get a lot done.  I have a lot of wedding planning and things that I need to work on when I have the time off next week.  I also need to do some deep house cleaning as Matt and I will have a house guest in April.  A fellow Scrabble player and librarian from Austin is going to stay with us during the Texas Library Association Convention.

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