Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where did the break go?

I can’t believe that spring break is almost over.  I haven’t accomplished everything that I planned to do, but it has been somewhat productive.  I’ve continued the cleaning binge I started on Thursday.  Yesterday I scrubbed all the toilets and cleaned bathrooms.  I also did about five loads of laundry.  I discovered a leak under the kitchen sink yesterday so I had to pull all the stuff out from there and now have a bucket until I can have it looked at.  Today my focus will be the downstairs – especially the kitchen.  Matt finally started going through all of his stuff in boxes upstairs.  I told him that we needed it sorted by the end of the weekend. 

I didn’t work on any school work.  I will try to get to some of that tomorrow if the house is clean by then.  I’m hoping that we will be able to keep it clean for at least a few weeks until we have company that comes to stay for a week.  I also have some band stuff that I have to get done.  I still have to order my wedding dress, but I need a few more measurements. 

Matt got me a Bose Soundlink Mini speaker for Christmas and I’ve been using it to listen to music as I clean the house.  It helps keep me going.  It’s better than having the tv on as I’ll get distracted and sit down – kind of like I’m doing now. 

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