Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back to Short Hair

I'd been thinking about getting my hair cut again for a while now.  I went fairly short not long after the wedding, but I never got to a point where I liked it much.  If I straightened my hair it was ok, but lately it's been more of a pain than something I like.  All I do is throw some mousse in it and go most of the time.  I figured with summer being here and temperatures already up in the 90's, I would go short again.  So while I was out shoe shopping today I decided to stop by a salon in the mall and get it cut.  I took a couple of pictures with me to show what I wanted and I think I got it.  Of course the natural bit of wave sometimes makes it not fall exactly the way I want, but I can use the curling iron to tame most of it.  So I'm happy with my decision even if there are those few naysayers that just love long hair.  For me long hair is a pain.  Sure, you can be creative and style it and make it pretty, but I'm rather lazy when it comes to hair so I need something that is easy to manage.  So there's that.

Of course I didn't find shoes.  I don't know why almost all dress shoes seem to mandate a heel that is 2-4 inches.  I was looking for something in a low heel in white or hot pink.  Everything was the wrong color, the wrong heel, or more of a sandal.  I already have white sandals but was hoping to wear control top pantyhose to help a bit.  I guess I'll go for some control top underwear and forgo the hose.  I did pick out some nice bright nail polish for my toes.  I think it will match both my dress and Matt's shirt.  Of course we will probably get soaked when we head out to the dinner tomorrow night.  We are starting to get bits and pieces of tropical storm Bill.


Anonymous said...

Nice haircut.

Einstein said...

Amazon is a good place for shoes since you could choose to sort with size, heel height & color. And if you have a prime account, almost instant gratification!

Billy said...

I am totally catching up on all the reading. Three posts within a week! I love your hair! It's super cute and very chic. It definitely suits you!