Monday, June 15, 2015

Finally Got an Answer

Got the long awaited email at 6:17 tonight.  It said that I would be assigned to my same school "in a position for which I am certified" next school year.  I hope that means that I'm returning as the librarian and not in a teaching position.  I would have to just quit at that point.  I have to sign a memo and return it by Friday.

I went into the school today to finish up what I didn't get to do on Friday.  I had to finish setting up the summer school principal's computer and printer, finalize my discarded book list, and store my library computers.  Matt came up and helped me by covering some of the equipment with sheets and then shredded papers for me until he broke my shredder.  I kept telling him that he was putting too much in it but he didn't listen to me.

After I finished at the school, I headed over to another school to help another librarian with her inventory paperwork.  The other librarians in the district tend to call on me for help rather than the library facilitator as she is almost always too busy to help.

Matt and I then headed to Schlotzkey's for lunch and then had to go shopping to get him a dress shirt, tie, and shoes for an upcoming awards banquet that he is being honored at.  It is a Juneteenth celebration and he is being recognized with a Sojourner Truth award for his work on the library's African American funeral program collection.  We found his shirt and tie, but then I had to find a dress.  We headed to Dillards and I found one that I liked though it was a bit tight.  I went ahead and got it and plan to wear control top pantyhose.  I really need to work on losing some weight.  I'm sure that is one of the main causes for my acid reflux issues I'm having.  I'm investigating the possibility of swimming at a local community college pool.  Although we have a community pool, it hasn't been open yet this summer and it's not been taken care of by our HOA group.

I am seriously thinking about getting my hair cut yet again.  I think I want to go back to short hair.  It's still pretty short in a bob, but I want something different.  I've always liked having short hair so I think it's time again.  It will make the hot summer more bearable.


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Catching up on all the blogs. So glad you heard back. Take some pics of you and Matt in your outfits! Would love to see you!