Monday, June 08, 2015

School is Almost Out

The last day for students was last week on Thursday.  The last day for teachers and most of the staff was Friday.  That was the day everyone (except me) found out whether they were going to stay at Rogers or be "reconstituted".  I was told by my principal that I would find out my status at a "later date."  Since I hadn't heard by today, I emailed the assistant superintendent to find out when I might be told.  I only work through Friday this week.  If I don't get an answer by the end of the week, I'll start applying to other districts.  I haven't heard from the one district I interviewed with, but the principal said that he would be making his decision this week so I should find out one way or the other.

I worked all day and I don't feel as though I accomplished much.  I found out this weekend that I had to clear the lab where I had stored a bunch of equipment.  I had to pull it all out and put it in the stacks of the library.  Luckily most of it was already on rolling carts.  Tomorrow my goal is to finish with the general sorting, cleaning, and such.  I still have to fill out forms to have 77 boxes of textbooks to be picked up.  I also have to complete forms to have a whole bunch of broken and outdated equipment to be picked up as well.

Matt has a friend from St. Louis visiting.  He got in on Friday and will be heading back tomorrow morning.  We went to Six Flags on Saturday and then did an San Antonio bus tour on Sunday.  It was really hot both days.  I was exhausted at the end of each day and just fell asleep quickly.  This morning came too early though.  I'll be glad when I'm not working next week and can sleep in.  I need to try to focus this summer and get several things done.  I really need to study for the National Scrabble tournament.  I want to do a better job that I've been doing.  I need to start adding a lot of 4 letter words to my vocabulary.  I think I'll try to work out a schedule and study for a certain amount of time each day.


Anonymous said...

How did the reconstitution go at your school? Did any of the staff get to stay? Where will the new staff be coming from for the fall? Will there be summer training to bring the school up to speed to be ready when the students return?

Billy said...

Glad to see an update. I was wondering how school was going. Let us know as soon as you hear something. Hope it's good news and what you want!

I read the part about the 4-letter words for Scrabble and laughed. I know lots of them. :-)