Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stomach Flu Sucks

I spent Thursday evening doing laundry and making beds in preparation for my brother's visit.  I intended to finish cleaning like vacuuming and sweeping and stuff on Friday evening after work since he wouldn't be getting in until after 9.  My stomach had other plans, however.  Around 3 in the morning I had acid reflux so I got up and took an acid reducer tablet and waited for it to start working.  I tried going back to bed, but lying down didn't help.  I got up and got online hoping to wait it out.  Around 3:30 a.m. I realized it wasn't going to work when I threw up my dinner from the night before.  I threw up again at 6 a.m.  Around 7 a.m. I texted the school secretary telling her I'd come in later that morning since I hadn't gotten much sleep.  After throwing up again at 7:30, I threw in the towel and called to tell her I wouldn't be coming in at all.  I threw up twice more on Friday before I was done.  My brother got in around 9:30 and I managed to get out of bed and welcome them.  I told them I was sick, but to make themselves at home, and that hopefully I would feel better in the morning.  I finally started feeling somewhat human on Saturday, but not 100%.  I was able to keep breakfast down.  I went with my brother and his kids to the new children's museum that just opened.  It was cool, but too crowded for me.  Kids are better in moderation.  We went out for lunch and I was able to eat normal food, but could only eat about half of it.  Matt had signed us up to work the Folklife Festival so after lunch, my brother brought me home so I could rest until I had to go out again in the evening.  Usually I really enjoy the festival because it's a bunch of different kinds of ethnic foods, but I could only eat half a beef kabob and drink a sprite.  Today has been better, but still not quite 100% yet.  We went to church and came back in the pouring rain.  Thankfully our roof was fixed on Friday, so hopefully no leaks!  Now I'm home in my Marvin the Martian pajamas and I'm staying put until about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.  Matt has to go back to the festival this afternoon.  I hope the rain lets up.  It has poured for about 2 hours now.

And to answer the burning question about my job status... nope, still haven't heard.  The email earlier this week said that I'd hear by Friday but I never got an email about it.  I'm going to email a final time  on Monday and if I don't get an answer one way or the other, I'm sending in the other application.

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Billy said...

Is there no way to pay someone a personal visit about the job? I think that is outrageous. Maybe a different job would be better, unless you absolutely love it there. I hope you hear something soon.