Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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Blogger Billy said...
I should hope they would talk to you in person regardless. I hate how impersonal places have become. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get what you want!
11:15 PM
Billy - When I "re-interviewed" to keep my job I was told that I would find out in person either the day before everyone else or at the end of the day since they knew I'd be busy with all the end of year procedures.  That day came and went and it's irritating that I had to email someone to find out what was going on.  Even then, the answer was fairly vague though they said I'd know by the end of the week.  
At this point I'm not sure what I want.  If I was offered the job with the other district that I interviewed with, I'd take it.  Since our campus is getting a new principal it could be good or bad.  I don't know what kind of leader she'll be and if she will give me the freedom to do my job like the previous principal did.  There is another opening in a different district which is on a military base.  If my current district decides I'm not staying at my current school, I'm definitely applying, but I'm not certain about it before I know whether my current job is secure. The other district doesn't pay into the Teacher Retirement System but only Social Security.  My current district is unique in that it pays into both.  I'd also hate to leave my Scrabble students that I've been working with.  Ultimately I guess things will work out.  I've decided that if they haven't told me by Friday, I'll put in my application and see what happens. 

Blogger Andrew Q. said... I don't know if you are interested after that shenanigan I pulled, but I at least wanted to invite you to read my new blog. I hope you are well and I miss you.
Andrew - I'll still read but with a sense of wariness.  I haven't decided how I feel about the whole made up girlfriend thing.  My advice to you is to just keep it real.  You've always told me that you like my blog because I talk about the mundane stuff - that's why I've read yours all these years.  You didn't need to spice things up.  Don't worry about your readership - people will read or they won't.  They'll come and go.  You just have to write for the sake of writing.  
I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately.  I do miss it.  I frustrate myself because I used to use my blog to go back and remember things that happened in previous years and when it's been as scarce as it has been, it's hard to do.  
7:02 AM
OpenID dkzody said...
Thanks for filling in the blanks. I am not too surprised, having seen what education is like, at how they are dragging out the decision-making. They don't seem to realize that teachers have a life.

I am surprised at the lack of training, though. Fresno Unified has had many problems and there is always hours and hours of training. Especially during the summer. Keeping half the staff does not sound like a good idea if they are not going to do some major changes in the way things are done. That will take lots of training.
9:29 AM
The district does offer other training over the summer, but it isn't required.  They create a catch-22 situation when it comes to training.  They've mandated that teachers (and librarians) cannot go to any district training during the school day in order to keep everyone in the classroom.  The problem is that they cannot mandate that we go to training in the evenings beyond our scheduled work day either.  So teachers must voluntarily go on their own time or it doesn't happen - unless it's on campus during a monthly faculty meeting.  


Billy said...

I would be very frustrated. On the bright side, I have loved reading about your Scrabble posts and the competitions you go on. I love that you also include your students. You really make learning fun!

Have an awesome rest of the week!

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

Life is always forcing us to be flexible. We hate change but I have found in the end it always bring unexpected happiness. It might take awhile to be grateful but you will get there.

It does always work out in the end.