Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ready to catch up on my sleep...

So we headed to Houston on Saturday evening as soon as Matt got home from work.  We actually made good time and got to the hotel by 8:30.  I'd been getting emails from the concert officials telling us that we really needed to get there a couple of hours early.  We checked into the hotel and then drove over to a park and ride area and took the train into downtown.  We got to the Toyota Center about 30 minutes before the doors were supposed to open at 10:00.  When we got there, they had a guy announcing that they weren't going to open the doors until 10:30.  I stood in line to get a t-shirt outside and then we left to go get something to drink since we still had an hour to kill.  We got back around 10:15 and joined the crowd waiting to get inside.  They finally opened the doors but it still took about 15 minutes to get inside.  We then got drinks and found our seats on the floor.  These were the best seats I've had I think - center on the end about 25 rows back from the stage.  The show didn't start until 11:30 but it was worth the wait.  Garth Brooks puts on a great show.  The show didn't end until just before 2:00 a.m.  We headed out and took the train back to the park and ride and got back to the hotel a little after 3:00.  I had to get up by 8:15 the next morning so we could go meet Josh for breakfast.  We did that and then went to church before heading back to San Antonio.  Matt took a shot of 5 hour energy so he was able to do the drive.  We arrived home around 3:45 p.m.

I wanted to take a nap, but I knew if I did, I wouldn't be able to get up to go to my band concert in Seguin.  We left around 5:00 but stopped at the pet store to get a new harness for Angie.  We took the dogs with us to the concert since it was outdoors on the town square.  We were very lucky that we didn't get rained out since we had a 60% chance of rain.  The concert went fine though the clarinet player that sits next to me was late.  She missed the first song, but that's because we started early.  The dogs seemed to enjoy the excursion.  They were oohed and ahhed by the people that walked by.  They got a lot of attention and Mollie had explain who was boss to a few dogs that were nearby.  I was so exhausted when we got home that I couldn't even finish watching The Big Bang Theory at 9:30.

My cousin and family was supposed to get in that night, but since they had a key, I figured they could fend for themselves.  I got up at 2:30 for water but they hadn't made it by then.  I made sure the porch light was on and then went back to bed.  I heard them come in around 4:30 in the morning.  I would normally have slept in, but I got up at 8:00 and saw that my uncle (my cousin's dad) had come with them.  I made him some coffee and visited with him until the rest of the crew woke up.  I hadn't expected them to bring their kids back, but they brought the two girls.  So now I've been babysitting the last two days.  At least they're old enough to fend for themselves and since we have The Disney Channel, they are staying entertained.  I did let them make bracelets with some of my beads today.  Matt is good about entertaining them, but he's gone to work now.

I'm still tired.  I spent most of yesterday cleaning the kitchen, then went to the grocery store so I could get stuff to make chicken tortilla soup for supper.  I got up by 8:00 this morning and went to Krispy Kreme to get donuts.  Once Matt was up I let him watch the girls while I went back to bed to nap for a bit.  I got up in time to take a shower before he had to leave for work.  I should be studying Scrabble stuff, but I don't think I can concentrate here.  I know I originally said I wanted a big house so company can come visit, but I'm ready to have it back to just the two of us and the animals for a while.  Entertaining is simply exhausting.

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Anonymous said...

What's that expression, fish and company stink after 3 days…

We find that having our grandkids here for 3 nights is just the right amount of time. However, in July, we will have them for 7 days. They love it. I'm exhausted. At least everyone is potty trained now.