Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Time for an update

1. I am feeling better. I am making up for all the eating I couldn't do over Thanksgiving. I sure did enjoy the Sonic cheesecake bites I had this evening.
2. I will almost certainly make an "A" in both of my grad school classes. I have received 15 out of 15 points on all of my major papers written for my Information Resources class. I have made nothing less than a 95 in my Children's lit class and most of the grades are 100's.
3. Grad school for this semester is almost done. I have to post three journal responses for Children's lit by Thursday. I have one more major project due in the Information Resources class and I've started gathering information. I have two other small assignments to complete and then I'll be done.
4. I will probably go to the Shot Show in January and will hopefully see Marty but only briefly.
5. Marty and I are still doing fine. He is still very hot and cold on the total commitment issue and I'm just letting him deal with whatever he needs to deal with. I'm trying to focus on just today but it would be a heck of a lot easier if I knew what my plans for next year might be.
6. I think Josh and I might just stay here for Christmas. I think I might cook a turkey since I didn't get my traditional dinner on Thanksgiving.
7. The spring is looking very busy and I might very well go insane but am trying not to get ahead of myself.
8. Google calendar is saving my life right now. I have all my "home" pages set on iGoogle with the calendar at the top and it reminds of what I am supposed to be doing.
9. I should be working on yearbook designs but I think I'm going to rebel and read something frivolous and go to bed early tonight. Shhhh... don't tell anyone.
10. I'm taking 4 of my students to a tournament in Dallas next weekend. What am I thinking? We're going to go to the Magic Time Machine.


Leann said...

It was good to hear you are feeling better. It sounds like the "one day at a time" formula will work for keeping you sane.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by and am very sorry to hear that you caught some bug. Hope the bug is dead now. Lots of work ahead, but (!) there is reward I guess - hey, you'll march through this!
Take care please.

Tammi said...

Hey there!
I was noticing on the sidebar on my "age old" blog that I closed down (tammi in texas)...I seen that u had popped in and thought I would see if your still around,and voila'!
Great list/goals/good news,etc...
It gives me an idea...hmmm?lol
But hey,if it's ok,I'd like to add you on my faves list,cuz I've been doing some back-reading on your site and I enjoyed nosing thru your posts.(LOL)
Anyways....take care,and if you need any yearbook ideas,maybe I can help..but ...well,it sounds as tho your good at what u do...I'm a scrapbook junky and maybe I could offer an idea or two.

Tammi said...

My bad.I already have you on my faves list.
will be back more often.
take care...

Anonymous said...

Nikolaus is over. Did he bring presents to you?
How are you doing?