Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Disconcerting News

I got a letter from the place where I had my mammogram done and I have to schedule another appointment due to the fact that it showed an abnormality that requires further evaluation. It does go on to say that 1 in 12 women require this evaluation and that 95% of those show nothing to worry about. I just hope I'm not in the 5% where it's something bad. I tried calling today for another appointment but got them a minute after they closed so I have to call back tomorrow.

I also got yet another jury duty notice in the mail. I don't know why my name keeps coming up but once again I'll make plans to go to jury duty and then it will be canceled. I may submit my absence request but not put in for a sub until the day before.

I went to the Ash Wednesday service this evening and played my clarinet. It was a nice service and the priest gave several ideas of things to give up during Lent. I'm already feeling the effects of not having a coke today. I did fast and abstain. I had to eat some cereal this morning so that I could take my antibiotic without getting sick. I skipped lunch and had shrimp scampi and linguini for dinner.

I'm going to call it an early night again. I'm already tired. I'm just glad there's not a speech tournament this weekend.


Leann said...

I got one of those letters. I ended up having to have a biopsy done but it was just calcifications. From my past experience with people wanting to mutilate my body, I had the same thing with a mole, I've gotten leary of letting anyone do that kind of thing anymore. Must my experience.

Andrew said...

I am thinking of you. I hope it is something benign. Mom has had a lot of skin cancers taken off lately. So, I know how it can be worrisome.

Anonymous said...

Dear ... I'll say a prayer. No worries.

Took a time, will read up to date.

Tammi said...

Good luck on your results..I'll be praying for you sweety!