Saturday, February 14, 2009

One free Saturday

It's already been a full day but I'm thankful that it didn't have start out with an early morning. I slept in until 8:00 this morning. I then got up and showered and headed out to my mammogram appointment. I was pleasantly surprised that it was as big as a deal as I thought it would be. It was over very quickly. I got there about 30 minutes early and I was out of there within 20 minutes. I really had no waiting time which was great. It didn't hurt like I thought it would so that was a plus as well.
Afterwards I went to Target and shopped a bit. I got my friend Pam a Valentine's gift and then picked her up to go to lunch. We went to a Mexican restaurant called Abuelo's and I ate my weight in food. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but I ate a lot. We then went to the mall so she could get some make up and I looked at jewelry. I bought myself two cross necklaces. I figured that I might as well get myself something for Valentine's day since it's doubtful that Marty will do anything.

I can't decide if I want to take a nap right now or just go to bed early tonight. I do need to get some housework done, but I'm not going to do it right now. I guess I'll see what's on t.v. and take it easy for a bit. I've forgotten what it's like to be at home on a Saturday afternoon.


Leann said...

It's good to hear from you again and that overall things are going well with you. I hope you took care of you on Saturday because it's back to the rat race on Monday :-)

Summer said...

I can't wait for this school year to be over for you so you can have more fun days like this one.