Friday, February 27, 2009

Glad it is Friday

I have a rare free weekend which will be lovely. I do have a lot of paperwork I need to do this weekend but I'm looking forward to just sleeping in tomorrow. I really don't have much to report. It's been fairly dull at school (which is probably good). I'm going to spend the evening relaxing. So far I'm managing without my cokes but I did get a headache the first day. Since then I've been drinking some tea with sweetner. I might end up losing some weight which wouldn't be a bad thing. I'm heading to Houston next week for TFA state. And it's just a little over two weeks before I leave for Key West. I'm so ready for spring break.

I made my next appointment for another mammogram or whatever they're going to do to take a closer look. I thought I'd be lucky enough to have just another quick visit but was told it could take two hours because the doctor is actually going to read the results. I thought I'd get it done before I headed to Houston but it will have to wait until the following Friday.

Well, I'm going to watch some t.v., check facebook, and take it easy until I can go to bed.

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