Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some excitement this afternoon

I'm still sick. I couldn't sing at all at church and I barely have a voice. Breathing is still strained and I'm still coughing but in general I'm feeling better. So after church today I came home and had some lunch, watched a little t.v., played on the computer and then decided to lay down and get some rest. I was napping fairly well when I heard the dogs barking like crazy. That's not very unusual so I ignored it for a bit but when I turned over I suddenly smelled smoke. I panicked thinking that the house was on fire. I jumped out of bed and opened my door but didn't see any smoke though I could still smell it. I thought that perhaps someone was cooking outside or something so I went to the back door and then I saw smoke coming from the alley immediately behind my house. I went into the back yard and saw that it was directly behind my fence and the fence itself was on fire and the flames were starting to come up underneath. I immediately got the hose and started spraying the flames. I was in my pajamas and heard people in the alley so I ran inside to put clothes and then came back out. It was a police officer that had a fire extinguisher that was putting out the flames. By that time the fire truck was on its way. The officer took my name and information and asked what had happened. I told him that I had no idea that I came out because I smelled smoke, saw the fire and grabbed the hose. Although the fire was out, the fireman doused the area with water to make sure there were no hotspots left. From what I gathered from the officer, some kids were playing in the alley but ran off so I'm guessing they started the fire. I'm just glad it was caught in time! But now all I smell is smoke. Here are some pics.


Leann said...

Oh how scary is that??!! Wow, it's a good thing you have a good nose eh?

Terri said...

wow...not the kind of excitement you hope for! glad it was just contained in the fence.

Summer said...

I want you as my neighbor!