Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Job Interview

It's been a whirlwind day for me. I got a call during my 4th period class today from the district that I sent my application into. I told the caller that I couldn't talk then but would call them back after 1:30. I called back and was scheduled for my preliminary interview at 4:30 today. Then just before 7th period today I was called by one of the schools that has a library opening and was scheduled for an interview tomorrow afternoon at 4:45. So I ducked out of school a few minutes early today and went to the preliminary interview. It went fine - I was interviewed by my former band director so it wasn't as bad as interviewing with a total stranger. I think I answered the questions well enough. I asked if all four of the library openings were available and he said yes, but I did get the idea that it is going to be competitive because he said that each school was interviewing 4 or 5 candidates each. So I guess we'll see how my interview skills go.
Tonight I am going to watch the play that my son is in. Then I've got to get some work done for grad school tonight. Well, I thought I should give you an update on the job search as it goes. I'm feeling guilty (as usual) about wanting to change jobs, but I've got to do what's best for my potential career. I definitely need something with less stress. The fact that I could get a library job before I graduate is very appealing.


Anonymous said...

HA! My best wishes and lots of success! I really hope it will work!

Leann said...

Good luck and congrats!!!

Summer said...

This is great news!