Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Much to do

I spent last night grading a million papers. O.k. maybe a slight exaggeration. But I got grades entered for my comm. app. classes. Tonight I have to grade debates and figure out what grades to put in for my interp classes. I also have to get my sub information ready, get a test prepared, and update some online assignments for my classes.
I had another interview today. It was a brief preliminary interview with the principal (my former principal) and the assistant (who I worked with before when she was a yearbook adviser). There were about 12 candidates that they pre-interviewed and they'll call two to four of them back. I think the interview went fine but I'm still on the fence about really wanting the job. It seems that the district is wanting the librarians to take on a lot extra duties. They want them to be Gifted and Talented coordinators, plus do some literacy intervention, and be the technology coordinator on campus among other duties. They even questioned whether or not to keep librarians on every campus.
Well, tomorrow I'm heading to Waco for another competition. I'm very excited because I'll get to see one of my best friends. We were great friends in high school but she moved our sophomore year. We've stayed in touch and she was in my wedding. I haven't seen her in quite a few years so it will be good to visit.
Now I've got to get supper made (burgers and mac-n-cheese tonight) and then get started on all the papers I need to get graded.


Leann said...

It sounds like you had a productive day. My two cents worth (yes I know you didn't ask :-)

Are you truly ready to take on what you are attempting to leave behind?

Have a great evening sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Technical coordinator for a whole campus sounds a little scary to me. I think running a complete library plus doing "Veranstaltungen" like lectures, readings, information things, yes, that's enough and of course you must be able to coordinate and collaborate with other institutions etcetc.
But being responsible for hardware? That's a technician's job.

I hope your meeting with your old friend is really nice and fine!

Tammi said...

Hey Annabel--
Boy-o-boy! You got your hands full.I think w/ all THAT,I'd prolly get intimidated and run like h***!!lol
You got more motivation in ONE pinky than my entire body!
Any tips or tricks to keeping up w/ you,hun