Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just need more hours

I don't know if having more hours in the day would really help me... especially when I'm so tired, I'm going to bed before 10:00 p.m. There's just too much to get done and I can't seem to get it all accomplished. But let me update you on a few things.

1. It looks like good news on getting a loan for the house plus extra money to have some work done. I have to fill out a contract, write a letter explain the credit glitches I have and get it all back to the mortgage "specialist" ASAP. But my credit is o.k. and I locked in a good rate at 4.5% My payments will only be $30 more a month than I'm paying now but it's a 15 year note and I'll get about $20,000 extra in cash that will be "gifted" to me by my dad.

2. I got the "thanks but no thanks" rejection letter from the second library interview. I'm not surprised or disappointed. I've decided to stay where I am for another year and just let go of some things to lighten my load. I committed to going to a retreat with other employees in July.

3. Played a band concert on Monday night and Josh asked the director afterward if he would consider having the band play one of his pieces. She said yes so we'll read one of Josh's compositions and hopefully play it in June.

4. Josh got his graduation cap and gown at school today. I guess it means that he is really going to graduate. We have announcements to send out so I guess that's another thing I need to deal with.

5. I'm going out of town yet again this weekend. This time to San Angelo for UIL regionals. I really hope one of my students is able to qualify for state. He is so talented but I think he was gypped last year.

And now I'm heading to bed because I'm just tired!


Leann said...

Hey sweetie. I know you won't see this until tomorrow so I hope you slept well and are refreshed and ready for your day :-)

abbagirl74 said...

Wow! They grow up sooo fast! I have been reading your blog for going on three years now and I just can't believe how time just flies by. One day, I will be talking about how my kid is getting ready to graduate!